You Know It’s A Terrible Day When…

I’m feeling more and more like I’m Randy lately. Sometimes that’s a good feeling to have and other times wellllllll not so much. Anyways I went to a “private erotic escort” today, irronically, not to far from where I worked. ( Yes, sometimes “Dreams” really do come true 😉  She looked fantastic online and in face. She was friendly giving me directions ( yeah she gave me the wrong address at a point, and the wrong location), but a total bitch upon meeting her.
If anyone is planning going to a “private escort” ( why am I using parenthese’s?) if the Weather Channel is on, that’s a bad sign. If CNN is on, that’s another bad sign. If the Weather Channel and cats are in the room, that’s a double whammy. I gave her the customary ‘tip”, Weather channel was on ( I was freaking out), and got un -dressed.
At this time I’m thinking, WHY THE HELL AM I IN HERE, AND NOT FOLLOWING MY OWN ADVICE? Then she say’s you’re not hard. Is that the biggest you can get, she goes again? I’m thinking, Bitch… I can’t get hard with the friggin WEATHER Channel on talking about tornados and hail. As she said 10 minutes went by, and I was flat as a Shakey’s peporonni, I said I had to go. I put my clothes on, demanded my cash, of course I wasn’t going to get it back. In the parking lot, I texted her hostile language, in which she replies, ” I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Maybe next time.” I thought, I’d rather jump off a bridge then go through that horbid experience again with you.
Getting home I put the PGP with T on, and it made me feel so much better, In conclusion, The PGP really helps you smile, after you have a  chaotic afternoon. Please keep on podcasting for many years to come, it brightens many listeners faces.