You gotta dream

Hey, GRE,

(That reminds me…the other day I was thinking, if you take Gina, Randy, and Elijah, and then add Ashley and Tim, the acronym becomes “GREAT.”  So, uh…yeah.)

So I thought I’d share a strange experience with you guys.  I had a dream the other night, and though I can’t remember the details, I really wish I did.  All I know is, I was really excited to watch a movie I had just gotten.  Anyway, when I woke up, I found myself clutching a DVD case in my hand.  My heart leapt as I saw the cover; I must have taken it back with me from Dreamland!

Unfortunately, my joy was short-lived, as when I opened the case, there was no DVD inside — easy come, easy go.  But I thought I’d send you the artwork anyway, and maybe one day you guys can help my dream come true!

Until that day, I’ll just keep on lovin’ the show, as I do.  Looking forward to hearing about how the Food Truck Festival went.  I hope it was super-fun!  Seeya around on the Internet.

Boom flashy flashy,