Why Randy Wang should come to Albuquerque

1.  New Mexico has a medical marijuana statute.

2.  Mad Matt has 4 apartments in the ghetto and is living in one; the others are empty!  That means your own place while you’re here.  And if you want to rally any peeps to come along, there’s 3 extra bedrooms!  Spartan accommodations to be sure, but it’s hard to beat free!
3.  Guaranteed authentic Breaking-Bad-esque experience (my car’s been broken into and my security cameras stolen by meth-heads in the 3 months since I’ve been here).
5.  Filming of Season 5 just began on March 25th, if you come soon and use your mad PR skillz, maybe you can arrange a set visit!  Or maybe I can – Brian Cranston supports a local politician Marty Chavez and I donated to his campaign; there’s a possible angle!
So come!