What’s a happenin’ Hot Stuffs?

What’s up you crazy fools.  I’m a few episodes back…and I need to catch up.  But I have a couple of things to comment on!  First up is Randy’s Arizona vacation…DUDE, my face was full of TARES!!!!   Not once, but twice…first the bloody pimple/ingrown hair laceration…then the bloody poops…damn, that was hilarious. (and scary that Gina new beforehand).

OK…I don’t know how you missed it…but if you ever do the Tucson/Phoenix thing again..you have to visit Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich farm.  (http://www.roostercogburn.com/)  and the military plane graveyard from “Can’t Buy Me Love”!

PLUSSSSS!  Gina…I can’t remember if you said you watched it…but My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is must see TV for you.  It’s a truly fascinating documentary on gypsy culture…(sorry no kitties).

Finally, can you give a Birthday shoutout to my son Oliver…maybe play a little “Happy Birthday” Ting Tings style from Yo Gabba Gabba!

Matt in Colorado Springs  (Your next vaca…well after Machu Pichu…should be the Denver/Colorado Springs area)…plenty to see and do!