What I did for Love.

Hello G, R & E,

Sorry this email is late – I have been out of town. While on vacation I heard the PGP question: “What did you do for love?” Well, I will tell you my story if you can say my name is anonymous as it is very embarrassing.

I was 18 years old and while in a shopping center I saw this amazingly hot soldier in a Marine uniform – I had to follow him. Flash forward he was a recruiting officer and I signed up for the US Marines that day! Me: spoiled, super lazy, and 50 lbs overweight at the time. I was able to have a three month ship-out date so I went to his office almost every day to visit him, while speaking with him he said that his favorite thing was strawberry shortcake… needless to say I baked strawberry shortcake once a week and brought it in to him (and all of his Marine buddies in the office).

After 6 weeks of this, I found out he was married, I stopped going to the recruiting office, and moved on with my life and forgot all about it. A few weeks later I got a call from the US Government giving me my time to “ship out” I told them that I changed my mind, the man on the phone laughingly said… you can’t just change your mind, you signed a contract with the US Government you will be leaving. With my tail between my legs, I had to go downtown Los Angeles and speak to a military committee requesting that I rescind my contract. Thank goodness they did and I did not have to go.

Anyway that’s my story – hear you later.