We’re civilized canvas stapled over 3 million year old habits

Listening to your double D today and about your dinner costs.
First. Dude. That’s rough.
Also when I was your age and making dick money I did what you did. Take
a young thing I wanted to impress to good resturants. That could take
a quarter of my months wages. Then my date would invariably say
“Oh I’ll just have a salad.” Used to outrage me. HERE I was trying to
make a show and she was ordering off the kids menu.
It took a while before I recognized the dynamic. First there was “You can’t
buy me with a dinner. I’m not obligated” yeah I got that. . but there was more
than that… when a guy is making a display like that, caveman is saying
“I am a good provider! With me woman you and your cubs will not starve”
What the woman is saying is “I’m not a drain on your tribes food.”
I think it’s also what’s behind male bling. Don’t know though don’t do bling bling.
Also thanks for explaining the queen bee game to me. Only saw it once and it’s puzzled me about an old
flame I once met again for drinks to talk old times and she was surrounded by 3 other guys. Weirded
I paid for a drink said hey good seeing you again and left.
All of these things ain’t modern.
fin coot