Website Wednesday 3/09/11

Heya GnRnE, I got a couple more sites for you to take a peek at, and the first couple are actually facebook pages!

First one is pretty much self explanitory, it’s a picture with the caption that says “Real men are kind to animals”. Go take a peek.

Second one is from Jeff Dunham, he’s the ventriloquist with Walter, Peanut, the pepper on a stick, and Achmed the dead terrorist. Well, the old coot Walter had to finally say something about Charlie Sheen, and he has a couple good ones.

And there’s this website that’s for… adult entertainment that I’ve been hearing bouncing around that’s supposed to be great, and apperantly if you use the code PGP at the checkout you get half off plus free shipping and a free movie, it’s at Seems like they must be big fans, ever heard of it? I have an inkling that at least one of you trio there knows all about it. 😛

Here’s a few more youtube vids from back in the day. This one is a mario game that was constructed over several levels, and the sound effects matches perfectly with the background music score going on. Of course, Japanese made.

Classic Jim Carrey in a role of planet-saving hippie asstard. ’nuff said.

Little girl asked about monsters. Kid Conway and her would probably be good friends

– Bryan