Website Wednesday

Hey guys just wanted to share a few Youtube links with yall

This is from an indie group down in San Diego  called Steam Powered Giraffe. I was turned to this by my last ex and I think these guys are pretty good. It takes a min to get started but just wait until they get moving. Probably not necessarily good radio material since it’s a lot of visual, but some sound bytes might be good. Hell, might open the show with it for something different haha. And yes that instrument second from the right (the one with the binoculars) is a real instrument, but I don’t remember what the name of it was.

This one is Kenan and Kel, probably one of the best scenes from their early episodes, “IIII, DROPPED THE SCREEEW, IN THE TUNA!” ‘Nuff said. Good times.

A song someone made from the original 151 Pokemon… with sexual undertones. “The birds and the beedrils”
(with visual assistance) <>

Music video parody of Twilight Sucks. One of my exes also got me on this one too, it’s hilarious. Randy would like it since Twilight does suck ass.

You guys gotta play this one, it’s a Cockatiel whistling the Chocobo song from the Final Fantasy series (FF7 version)

Couple of white students try to scare a black guy, but gets decked instead. Eh, he deserved it

And for the finally, Shawshank Redemption in a minuite (more like 2:30) from JibJab. I used to listen to this damn song on a loop and almost sing the whole thing back word from word. It’s an excellent video, probably especially for Gina if she knows the movie (everyone should)