Vegas info and TV suggestions.

Helloooooo Randy and Gina! Long time listener first time writer! Was a huge KLSX fan and really miss listening but you guys are going a great job at keeping the spirit going along with Timmy, H & F, the Frost and even Gary & Dino.

Ok for the Vegas trip. As a former Vegas resident I have one suggestion for a night full of win.

Fremont Street. If you’ve never been you’re really missing the fun. Great cheap gambling, several cool casinos all within a short walk of each other, some awesome bars, and of course the best light show on the planet. I guarantee fun will be had by all take it from someone who considers it my favorite place on the planet. Also for a fun Saturday night you HAVE to see Steel Panther if you never have. Free show out at the Green Valley Ranch it’s only 15 minutes from the Strat I believe they go on at 11pm. Trust me on this one.

Ok for TV shows I have 2 to recommend. The first is a British show called Top Gear. It’s about 3 British hosts that test drive cars and go on crazy adventures. The real appeal
of the show is the amazing banter between the hosts. Even if you’re not a car person they’re masters at that dry witty British humor. Also they put a lot into the visuals and the camera work is amazing.

Second is series called Silk Stalkings that was on in the early 90’s. It was about a male-female detective team based out of Palm Beach. Lots of pastel suits, campy dialogue, and T&A. It’s pure cheese but totally a guilty pleasure.

Also Randy I wanted to give you props on the technical side of the podcast. I’m a big talk radio fan and also a musician and audio engineer/soundman and you really have the show dialed in. Just wanted to say great job on the technical end!

Ok off for my daily PGP fix!

Mark the bass player

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