Ups and Downs of 2011

Gina, Randy and Elijah,
           Looking back at 2011, i gotta say it was actually not that bad of a year, sure it had it’s struggles, but overall i can say not too bad. But here are my ups and downs
Ups of 2011
           My ups have got to be, meeting the pgp crew, the peeps, which has helped me come out of my shell a bit. Being at the first food truck festival at santa anita, and the first race night at The Orange, and of course making awesome new friends like the peeps. Another up is taking a trip to the beautiful state of Oregon, and seeing my best friend Natalie for the first time in like 10 years who also listens to you guys religiously. Also one big up i would have to say, is making an effort in taking care of myself, hiring my trainer joining a gym, has got to be one of the best things of the year and ever for me, as of tuesday the 20th i have lost a total of 72lbs. and wanna thank the peeps for all their support. And of course how can i leave out the PGP crew coming out to spend a day in my back yard, that was awesome, and gotta say thanx, and keep up the amazing work you people do. I can’t really say i had a down, my only one would probably work being slow, but i dont see it as being a down, because i feel blessed and i am thankful that even though slow, i still have a place to go to work.