Hey GG, R & E,
TV Tuesday, yes this as all season sounds pathetic.
I actually like CSI and CSI NY can’t watch CSI Miami. NBC also churns out carbon copies as well: Hello 37 different Law & Orders, Jesus Christ.
Man Up=Old Dogs
Home Improvement was good maybe 1 season, but the rest was horrible. Tim Allen is definitely spent.
That AC Slater show sounds good but you know they won’t do it right.
They need more HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel on Netflix.
Pan Am = Mad Men at 30,000 feet. I saw the trailer on facebook Jesus help us.
Have you ever seen the movie “The Player” awesome, “It’s The Manchurian Candidate meets Ghost, starring Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis.”
More people saw Paul Riesers Walk on the Jimmy Fallon Show then saw The Paul Rieser Show.
I hate when they use the person’s name in the show(movie) in some stupid way, not like The Rockford Files I mean like Grace Under Fire then the main characters name is Grace, stupid ‘S’. (had to look that up on Wikipedia)