TV Tuesday Recommendations

Hey GG, R & E,  (This is lame, but I’m really tempted to rearrange that to say ‘Hey GREG’, then it would be a Gina Sandwich!)
I have a few recommendations for TV Tuesday. I’m about 3 weeks behind on the podcasts so forgive me if you’ve already covered any of these.
1) Raising Hope…..this show is awesome. If you like stupid… and I know you do.. you’ll like this show. There wasn’t much buzz about it when it came out, mostly because it was always group together with Running Wilde, which everyone thought would be the better show (Waaaannnt Waa). Raising Hope was the clear winner.
2) The Big C…… Not too sure if R&E will like, but I think Gina would really enjoy this show. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but if not it’s a Showtime show featuring Laura Linney about, well, the Big C. I found an IMDB review that describes it well “Comedy and drama, love and lack of love, sweet but in the end has to be bitter.” For some reason the “sweet but in the end has to be bitter” line screams Gina.
3) Criminal Minds. You don’t talk about crime shows ever, so I’m guessing you three are not big fans. That said, I have one line that may convince Gina to give it a try: Shamar Moore is to Criminal Minds what Hugh Laurie is to House.
Random question to Gina….If Hugh Laurie was the the top of a mountain, would you do a “Touching the Void” type of climb for him?
Randy- I know you love Community (I do as well) but I haven’t heard you talk about Donald Glover’s music at all. Glover’s rapper name is Childish Gambino and he’s pretty sweet. Youtube his “Freaks and Geeks” video, it’s awesome. You can also watch him in the movie Mystery Team (Netflix Instant), definitely a movie you would like.
One additional question, is there a way that you can organize each section of the PGP site (TV Tuesday, Website Wednesday, etc…) by month? I was looking for a video the other day that you talked about in February and it took forever to flip though all of the pages. I know nothing about website programming so I have no clue how easy or hard this would be, but I’m picturing something like the Calendar on the H&F site that you just click on to go to the podcast you want. The PGP wouldn’t need a day-by-day thing, just monthly.
Love the show! Thanks for the continued entertainment.
~ D
P.S. FOR GINA ONLY… I know that us girl listeners are few and far between, but I thought you’d like to know that I downloaded the Period Tracker you suggested (The Droid version) and I love it. Keep the suggestions coming!