TV Tuesday

Howdy PGP..

Just got the new ROKU box, I got the middle range one for $79 ( quite frankly I don’t see the need the top of the line one ), and I have to say it is amazing.
It plugs into your TV ( pretty much any TV, unlike Apple TV) and you can stream Netflix, and Amazon Rentals, Pandora, and it has a bunch of internet TV some of which are ok but
most of which you don’t need.

I have medium fast internet, and it never gets hung up streaming Netflix, it’s really good quality, and i can watch while i work on my computer; so I am not allocating computer recources to
hours of TV watching. It really is an amazing bargain, and as someone pointed out to me, if you get HULUplus for $8 a month you can watch all the best current shows on the Roku as well.

So for $16 a month you have a better than cable experience.
I am not missing my Dish Network or all the commercials.

Tell those peeps to get one via that Amazon link!!