tv recommendation for Gina

Hi Gina,


I love that you love Archer as much as I do.  I have another show suggestion for you, one that I think is even funnier than Archer.  Frisky Dingo is another cartoon created by the same folks that brought us Sea Lab 2021 and Archer, and ran for 2 seasons.  I think each season is a total of 140 minutes , one disk each (available on Netflix), so it’s a quick watch.


I have a feeling Randy won’t like this one either.  IT has a very particular type of comedy that I realize not everyone likes.  In the show, a board villain named Killface (who is also an alien, but no one really says anything about that) plans to destroy the world, but an and idiot billionaire/super hero is always getting in the way.


I hope you give it a shot.  I’d love to hear what you think,