Tips and more…

1. Aja is pronounced Ah-sia, not Asia. Soft A.
2. Randy, you and your buffalo sauce…gack. But if you got stains on
your shirt you think you can’t get out, there’s a miracle soap out
there. Get a toothbrush, and rub the wet soap on your stain, rinse and
repeat. The shit works. See attached photos. It’s only like $3.00. My
friends think I’m just a miracle stain worker, but really it’s the
weird soap. Get it at a local grocery store like Ralphs or Albertsons.
3. Gina, I gave you your tip for sleeping at night with a cough. Vicks
Vaporub on your feet, wear socks (I know this may be hard ((that’s
what she said)) cuz I hate wearing socks, but trust me, it works.
Couldn’t hurt to try anyway.
4. Big Bang Theory, I love. You hate, that’s fine.
5. How come no one talks about Nurse Jackie? Great characters.
6. Have fun at the Stratosphere. It’s one of my favorite places to
stay! Wish I could go but I’m throwing a big party…maybe I could
ditch the party and drive….no, no, can’t do that. But I will watch
“the twitter” and have many shots for you!
7. I love you both! And Elijah.
8. Speaking of Elijah…Gina really…”would you two just do it and
get it over with already, I’m starving”.

peace out!