Tim Ruzic

Tim is an insanely good photographer and one of the original PGPeeps. Hailing from the Palm Springs area, Tim has made the drive up to the San Fernando Valley to attend countless live events and parties, as well as gracing Gina and Randy with his presence as the top tipper way back when.  Tim is a great guy and perhaps most importantly, the reason why Gina and Randy own Snuggies.He’s awesome.
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PGP #569 – Doin It For The Peeps

Gina and Randy are LIVE At The Orange Show Speedway As Randy is about to strap on a racing helmet and take part in a good ol fashioned destroy the boat race! Thanks To ALL The PGPeeps who came out to support us on saturday!!!


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PGP #398 – The Food Truck Trifecta!

Gina and Randy Are LIVE At The Santa Anita Food Truck Festival with a ton of PGPeeps as they all explore the wonders of the food trucks! Special appearances this hour be Aron Bender, Ashley Mendel, the PGPeeps and one guy who thinks he can snake us a Lobsta Roll in 10 minutes


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