The Verizon saga

Hey G, R & E…
Randy, the situation with Verizon totally sucks eggs. There is always room for exceptions in customer service. The best way to push this through the wall is to tell them that you will contact the California state Attorney General’s office to get their help to get out of your contract. Believe me, they don’t want another complaint on their record. If they get too many complaints, the AG may file a lawsuit against Verizon.
If you have the right person on the phone, they will correct the situation.
What is more surprising is that I’ve had Verizon since 1998. I’ve had one billing problem, and it was also a pain in the royal arse to rectify. I threatened them with the Minnesota AG, and they miraculously found a way to make things good for me. I even got a car adaptor and leather case for my phone…for the aggrivation.
Other than that situation I have had no other issues. You just have to wonder.
Sorry this is late, but I’m a week behind in listening to the podcasts. The holidays and all.
Love you guys!