Refresh Yourself On The PGP Drinking Game

Object:      Catch a major buzz listening to the world famous Pretty Good Podcast!

Players:     Solo*** up to 1 million

1. Pick your favorite PGP personality. Either Gina Grad or Randy Wang

2. Take a drink, shot or toke if:

Gina                                                                Randy

* Makes up a word                                     * Mispronounces a word

* Goes Hiking                                             * Goes Karaoking

* Talks about Brunch (food)                         * Talks about a date

* Does any Voice                                        * Tries some crazy food

* Makes Randy do something she won’t        * Gives us info based on no facts

* Drops one of her toys                              * Talks about TV

* Says “Lisa Donnelly 2 N’s 2 L’s”                 * Goes Ballistic

* Talks about anything Jewish                     * Talks badly about his brothers

* Mentions “Not”                                       * Says “Legendary” or “Best Ever”

Everyone Drinks if:

* There is a Guest

* Each Vumber played

* Each email read

* If they shout out the Friend Basket