The Office (UK)













It always gets on my nerves when US and UK go head to head in good ol’ “Simpson’s Did it” fashion. I like the US version of The Office just like  I’m into the US Hell’s Kitchen, but when the UK wags their fingers and make claim to their version being better, I had to take a peak. I’ll admit, a while ago, I turned off pre-maturely due to the dialect. But, I decided to be patient this time around, espcially since I appreciate the UK dialect in movies. Aside from some poorly produced sound and some fast speech that isn’t always easy to catch, the jokes feel fresh. Plus, there are tons more liberties that Britain has with language allowing the occasional cussing that the US censors. Otherwise, the US and UK are virtually similar shows in both plot and characters. Don’t let that stop you. It feels a lot like a parallel universe of the US version, and that alone makes it very interesting. My only real problem with the show is that the cast is very weak in diversity.