The Guild (web show)

I sent you an email once before with this recommendation, but I haven’t heard you mention The Guild on the show yet, so I’m assuming you haven’t tried it.  It’s a show that started on the web only, but it’s now available on Netflix instant.  The original webi-sodes were very short, but when you watch on Netflix you get a whole “season” of webi-sodes in one “episode” that is about 45-60 minutes long.  “Seasons” 1-4 are on Netflix, and you can watch the webi-sodes online if you get through those and want to see season 5 as it unfolds live.

The (fictional) show is about the real life interactions of a technically-unnamed-but-obviously-WoW guild.  I know you would love it!  Please give it a try and report your thoughts on the show, if you find it worthy of doing so.  🙂

Joni (pronounced “joe-knee”, since most people say “johnny” when they see it in writing)