The Brass Monkey!

This is a SWEET karaoke bar in the k-town district over on wilshire at marisposa.  It has a big parking garage too so you don’t have to worry about street parking.

The decor inside is like a cross between a fancy rec center and pirate ship.

The music selection at this place is out of control in the sense that they had every one of our songs and we never even looked at a song book.

The karaoke dj was also amazing.  (I think he was voted best in la)

He was super nice and really fun.  He knew how to keep things going and when to jump in on a song and when to hang back and let the singer do their thing.

He also played THE BEST music in between singers.  It was mostly all early 90’s hip hop and between the Humpty Dance and Cypress Hill, everyone in the bar had a blast.

It took a pretty long time before our songs would come up, but the DJ made it clear that tips help the line go faster, but not in an effed up way at all.

Bottom line – The drinks were strong, the dj was great and the music kicked ass.  Great night at the Brass Monkey!