Thanksgiving Horror Story

Good Morning GG, R & E!
I know you are already recording the show, and are already done, probably, but I was just listening to Monday’s show this morning at work, and wanted to share our “horror” stories from Thanksgiving this year. Please note, when I say horror story, my tongue is firmly ensconced in my cheek.
Since it was going to be just my wife and I, we decided we would spend the morning at Disneyland, and then go home and cook up our dinner. We had also decided to break from modern tradition somewhat and add some authenticity by doing lobster tails.
Anyway, the park was great, and not crowded at all. We did several of our favorite rides, but Pirates was broken all morning. At about Noon, we decided that we would hit the Holiday Small World and Holiday Haunted Mansion rides, and then go home. We saw the stand-by line for Haunted Mansion was really long, so we grabbed Fastpasses that would run from 12:45 to 1:45. We walked over to Small World, and there was a very short 20 minute wait. Also, here’s a tip for Disneyland goers – if they’re running both lines for Small World, take the right-hand path when the line splits. It legitimately goes faster, because the left-hand path feeds to the only line that serves the disabled/handicapped/accessible line. When we get off the ride, the big clock chimes out 12:45. Perfect timing. We stroll back over to the Haunted Mansion. And that’s when holiday tragedy/horror struck: the ride was being evacuated and closed due to ‘technical difficulties’. And they didn’t know how long it would be shut. OH, THE HUMANITY!
Fast forward to around 5 pm, as we were finishing up the prep for our Thanksgiving Feast. I’m grilling the lobster tails and some prawns, and I didn’t realize I had left the patio door open too far. One of the adopted cats that we’re not allowed to have got outside and went exploring, as he is wont to do. I didn’t realize he was out until I heard him on the railing, and saw him jumping down into the downstairs neighbor’s patio. We spent the next 90 minutes trying everything we could think of to coax him back. Nothing we tried could get him to jump and climb back up to us. It took us going to the neighbor, making up a story about pet-sitting a boss’s cat, and going out on their patio. I had to do this twice, because the first time, he was on the far end of the patio, and so he just ran away into another patio. On the second try, he was already up on the fence, nearer to our patio, so when he was startled by me, he jumped up to our patio, back to safety! But it had taken so long to get him, the turkey and seafood were overcooked.
So, as you can see, Thanksgiving Horror Lightning struck our home twice this year!

Thanks for the great show!