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Jan Top 10 Tipping Studs

1 Happy Birthday, Becky! Happy Birthday, Cristin! $25

2 The Lost Hikers – $7

3 This is to help Wang purchase HIS OWN fancy underwear that have the wiener hole where its supposed to be. – Mr. Biggs Also, consider this my vote to have Tim and Brian on show #1000 – $5

Dec Top 10 Tipping Studs

1 Here’s an xmas gift, not a tip, to two of the most epic people ever! $350

2 The Big Magnum (ability 100%) says “I came for the tits, but stayed for the tots. – $50

3 The Stylish Adventure (ability 12%? FML) Do style points count? – $50

4 Regan Gunningham – $50

5 I’m so happy that you both “have job” but miss you when you’re so busy. Last month I was shocked not to be knocked out of the top 10, this month I DARE the Peeps to out tip me and push this post off that tip page. -Mary in PV – $45

6 My name is Mari and I’m here to say Happy Holidays PGP in a major way! ♥ Mari Dee – $40

7 The Sadistic Guppy (ability 36%) tells Gina and Randy to check out The Blacklist – $30

8 Robert Bianca Reyes – $25

For the lovely one Gina Grad: you are too hot and amazing to pay for any man’s drinks. And for proving Chris rock wrong: you can mix titties and tater tots. – $25

10 Hey Randy and Gina my 4 year old told me a joke I thought you would enjoy sooooooo much. Knock Knock….. Who’s There? Doctor……. Doctor Who????????? ha ha ha ha ~ PGP G. Dog Stinky Nuts Crack Baby – $15


Nov Top 10 Tipping Studs

1 Hi Guys. Have a great Thanksgiving! – Will Perez – $169.45

2 This message is from the desk of Elinor Wood. I demoted my Executive Assistant because he was loose with my money. He is now the Administrative Assistant to the new Executive Assistant. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. – $101

3 Hi, I’m producer Jamie! *meow purr purr* I’m donating to my owner’s podcast because Randy takes good care of me! Gina is great too and she’s extra fun to bite! *meow* By the way Gina, don’t foeget to watch Torchwood: Children of Earth–even this crazy kitty is a fan! *purr purr* – $75

4 Happy Birthday to Brother Bear the best older brother a sister could ask for! Here’s your gift, a tip to our new common podcast and inside reference maker, the PGP! Love you Steven and wish you many more years of happiness, oh ya, now hit that tip jar! – Michelle $50

5 Eqquizitine Buble-Schwinzlow – $50

6 From Mari Dee – $40

7 From Sarah – $30

Gina is the hottest girl in the land!
She could be the hottest in water or in sand!
If you don’t wana marry Gina then you really off your cookie!
She is so Hot! Like it or Not!!

9 The Lost Hikers – $7

10 It’s still 6:14 from Mary in PV – $6.14