Thanks guys!

Hey Randy and Gina!

It’s been almost a year now since I first got exposed to the wonders of podcasting. I just started a new job and I needed something to listen to badly. So I thought, “Hey, this marijuana thing is cool right? And I’m kind of interested in the subculture!” So I searched on itunes and found Marijuana Radio. Through that I later got exposed to Adam and the Potcast. My first potcast episode was a fiery one. It was during the debacle over that website you guys don’t mention anymore, and I remember being so completely sucked in to listening to Adam and Manny try to barely keep the peace while Monkey and Whitman were yelling at each other full force. The people at work thought I was high, I laughed so much! Through that I started listening to A very special Whitman podcast and kind of fell in love with the producer constantly giving Whitman shit.
Eventually I decided to check out the Pretty Good Podcast and I haven’t looked back since!
Thanks to you guys I now look forward to working long hours at brainless jobs because it means I get to listen to you guys.

Also, I’m wondering if you’ve gotten exposed to the new HBO show, Game of Thrones.  It’s based on an amazing book and the show is shaping up to be great as well! It’s a fantasy show based mostly around political backstabbing and power grabbing between people.
Thanks for the last year,