tangents, sines, and cosines!

Hey Guys,

I’m emailing to strongly disagree with Randy’s claim that trigonometric functions (tan, sin, cos, etc.) have no purpose in real life. If you knew the meaning behind these functions, you would know that they play a vital role in many applications. For those who don’t know, these functions determine relationships between angles. Essentially, if you know two distances, you can find the angle as a result; or if you know a distance and an angle, you can find the corresponding angle. Now, I’ll admit that most people work in a field that do not require such geometry to be known; from what I can tell, doctors, lawyers, and financial analysts are seldom required to know such mathematical concepts. But there are many people who do end up working in such a field! Think of architects, civil engineers, and even people who do work with construction. Not to mention it even helps knowing this if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person and like to build shit around the house.

Me personally, I’m working at an aerospace engineering firm and I use those concepts daily! The way planes travel with respect to aerodynamic mumbo-jumbo are all sine-consine based. And you’d actually be really surprised to know that there are plenty of relationships in everyday life that have sinusoidal patterns. You know the electricity you’re using? It sends out currents in sinusoidal waveeees mannnn. Not to mention all those MJ and Dolly songs you hear are heard through various sine waves.

There are plenty more examples available if you do your research, but the point I’m trying to get at is that sins, cosins, and tangents are not irrelevant! They play a vital role in society and are quite obviously important in our everyday life. I write this email in hopes that you won’t advise your listeners against learning these mathematical concepts because they have no relevance in your everyday society.

I mean, speaking as an engineer myself, I use these concepts daily and find significant use for them day in and day out.

Love the show and keep banging 7 gram rocks!