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PGP #371 – Give Me A Call If You Have A Landfill?

What Happens when you play 30 seconds of Jesse Jackson for google voice to transcribe? Why are Prius owners running down blind people? Why Is A Parrot Singing “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor?” All these questions and more will be answered on today’s Pretty Good Newscast!


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PGP #369 – Boom Flashy Flashy

You’re gonna be really pissed if you recently paid a red light camera ticket…Plus the PGP PSA, Autotune drunk randy, the most addictive laugh ever, and Failblog’s top 10 FAIL moments of 2010 make up for a pretty damn good podcast!


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PGP #363 – Bend It Like Bender!

Last Night Gina and Randy broke into KFI to sit down with the studliest man in evening radio news, Aron Bender from oh nothing, The Tim Conway Jr Show on KFI! Plus, why do facebook pervs gotta be hating on Randy’s Secret Sauce?


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