michael jackson

PGP #375 – Nothin Says XMAS Like Drunkle Ronnie!

Gina and Randy recap part one of their awesome Christmas weekend including Gina getting some Umami, Randy getting some Unagi and The Wang Family Christmas Complete With Mayo Lobster And Drunk Uncle Ronnie!


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PGP #359 – Get Outta My Dreams

Somehow in the vast city of Los Angeles, Gina and Randy literally bumped into eachother during the weekend recap! Plus find out all about Gina’s Car Accident and discover how much crap she keeps in her car! Stay Tuned at the end for a thank you Bonus Mystery Gina Clip for getting the PGP 1,150,000 Downloads In November!!!


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PGP #347 – The Wild and Wonderful Website Wednesday of West Virginia

Gina and Randy discover a couple of websites run by these winners (on the left) that can help you create an alibi to get out of work! Plus Gina and Randy review the premiere of Conan and the new “Michael Jackson” single?


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