Swamp People/Swerp Perple

Dear GRE (mostly Gina),

You know what you have to do. You have to agree with Not in your life. You know why, well let me tell you why. Not has great taste in shows (aside from the Coco thing): first Steven Segal Law Man and now Swamp People.

I know you said that you don’t like to see the gator get shot. If it brings you any solace, there are strict quotas and limitations for hunting gators. They are only allowed to hunt for 1 month and must pay for certain amount of tags and hunting area. The quotas are all determined by biologists that constantly monitor the population and habitats of these gators.

Before the regulations were put into place, that American Alligator was almost hunted to extinction. Now they allow for a one month hunting season to keep the population in-check and to protect humans. If Troy, Junior and the others were not out there the population would get out of control. When that happens humans and pets start to become threatened by these gators. I know it sucks, but just it helps to know that these guys are actually protecting humans and pets.

Swamp People is appointment watching for me as well. I would have to say that Troy Landry is my favorite hunter. These guys seem so genuine and fun to hang out with.

Listen to yall later.