Dear Dopest Podcast on Earth,
Being that you’ve been swarmed with hate-mail, i’d like to take it upon myself to show ya some love… sincere love…
Just wanted to say you guys brighten up my day everytime i click “play” on ANY of your podcasts. This is the 2nd time I send an email so, obviously, I have a crush on you cool kids…you guys are the Starbucks to my morning… the icing to my cake… the meat balls to my spaghetti… the Midol to my cramps… you guys are the unicorn to my rainbow… well you get my point. You kids are just so darn swell. Gina, you’re too damn gorgeous to be stuck hiding in my speakers. By the way, I’m not gay. I just appreciate beautiful nouns… any person, place or thing. Randy, stick to radio. I kid, I kid! ♥ Build-A-Bear needs to make a teddy outta your cute ass cuz you’re just so damn cuddly. (Apollonia, youz a lucky b!tch.) By the way, I just received my PGP Tee (that i enthusiasticly purchased) and dammit I look hot… damn shirt makes me look like a Goddess!! Grassy ass. (Gracias… um, spanish for Thank you. Yes I’m Hispanic.)
Keep on Truckin’ beautiful people. Love ya!!
Fontana, Ca
pssst… <whispering> Elijah…. you, too, are a kool kat. ♥