Stop spreading BS about McNuggets Gina

Hello Gina and Randy,
Gina it infuriates me every time you talk about chicken McNuggets and reference that picture with the pink stuff, Here is a article with the truth about that picture(yes my life is so empty I’m writing you about chicken nuggets).

It is real chicken and not some monstrosity born without a head or feathers. Now the real question that should be asked is why do they come in 5 shapes when they were originally sold in 6 pieces or WHY IS ONE OF THE SHAPES A BOOT? ( huff puff huff puff)
Keep up the pretty good work, love yo faces
Pgpeep Ben
P.S. I can’t believe McNuggets set me off
P.P.S Randy how could you talk about corn-dogs without mentioning the giant ones at Disneyland