Spanking the Monkey

Hi Gina!!


Omygosh today’s show literally made me laugh out loud.  It’s so sad I‘ve been thru the same thing twice in my life. The first was actually when I was in the 2nd/3rd grade. We walking back from school and  there was this old creepy guy parked down the street looking at us. So as we passed we can see down into his window doing something…at the time I had no idea I just remember telling my little brother..WOW his birdy is way bigger than yours!! LOL LOL LOL!! My babysitter grabbed me and had us start running….so I didn’t know until later in life what that was really about….

2nd time was when I use to take the train to work. The train was really packed and there was a bunch of people standing holding on to the rail. And mind you I usually zone out listening to music or reading…but there was this guy looking for something in his pocket. I just kept thinking what the “F” is he looking for…finally I noticed his pants were getting wet and really looking down my shirt…It was freakin disgusting!! The guy was gross!! And I felt so stupid that I just sat there and  didn’t do anything…but at the time I think I was just like “Is this really happening!!” So now all I can do is laugh!!!


Hope you enjoy my horrific stories!!! Hahahaha 😀