sorry.. but I just have to complain about something

Yo Wang,
You know that I’ve been listing to your show since the start and for years before that on 97.1.  I really enjoy the show but something is really starting to bug me.  Can you please please stop calling Gina “jean-o”.  It isn’t clever or cute and I think you stole it from Conway anyway.  My whole life everyone named Steve was called Steve-O and it is soooooooo anoying.. and now you’ve started it.  Over the last week-anda-half, or so, it’s gotten worse.  Please stop it.. please.

– Steiney

PS.  Thanks for the “Six Feet Under” recommendation.  I watched the whole thing this January and loved it.  I’ve also been catching-up on Arrested Development (I’m in to season 2).  A show that I really like (that you haven’t talked about) is “Human Target”.  It isn’t funny or, in any way realistic, but it’s, instead, super-dumb action fighting fun.  I think you might like it.