Some things to note

Randy, Gina, Elijah

I thought I would not be the guy to ever school Randy on anything about chain restaurants. There is a difference between El Torito and El Torito Grill. The crappy one you went to was probably just a regular El Torito. I for one agree with you about El Torito, but El Torito Grill is actually pretty decent.


I hope that you have been feeling better lately. I too like you guys love watching The League. I think that Gina has come down with the case of the Dreids. I think Dreids is what has been ailing you lately. I have no idea what the cure for Dreids is, but I think watching more of The League can’t hurt. I can’t wait for season 3 which is supposed to air sometime in 2011.

Hear you guys later. Bye byeeee.