Show Recommendation no one has talked about yet…I think

Hey Gina and Randy,

Just so you know where I’m coming from,

I’m a huge fan of Mad Men, love Lost and enjoy the League.

Also, I’m thrilled you guys are going to check out Battlestar Galactica, one of the best shows of the last decade…

You need to check out Adventure Time with Jake and Finn

It’s on Cartoon Network (not Adult Swim) runs 15min an episode.

Ask your audience what they think, I’m telling you it’s great….especially stoned.

Randy, I think you might like this show a little better (especially under the influence)

The colors are beautiful and the characters are funny as hell,

Watch ‘Death in Bloom’ or ‘It Came From the Nightosphere’ but most of the episodes are pretty great

Watch it!


-PS- I stopped listening to you guys like 6 months ago when I lost my job and now I’ve returned you guys are better and funnier, I want to donate….when I get some extra cash!