Show #625

Hey GG, R and E,
you don’t run into a lot of celebs in upstate NY. although when in Baltimore back in 2002 working for 3 months I met a bunch of wrestlers they were staying at the hotel I was at. The Big Show was super nice, The Undertaker was really cool. Ric Flair super A-hole, Matt Hardy also a super A-hole.
Oh yea Rachel Ray, she is from my area and I have actually run into her a few times I hate her shows but she is actually pretty nice. I worked for the TSA for a while and I have met a bunch of retired baseball players (Cooperstown only about an hours drive away) Dave Winfield was really nice. Lou Pinella even from a Yankee fan was a complete D-bag. One of the worst famous people I met while working for the TSA was Tony Bennett what a colossal a-hole.
Of course I am looking forward to meeting the biggest stars in the podcast universe, GG, R and E,
Lovin’ you guys,