Show 550 Elijah sexed

yo “Eli” it’s obvious that Gina isn’t schooled on the urban lingo. and since ur.. um qualified to instruct. maybe u can suggest an easy exercise for her by having her say, for example, these phrases:

“say word sun! say word!”
“stay up sUn!” (as the previous email stated. )
“nah mean?!”
“el oh el smiley face” = LOL 🙂
.. and so forth. u got it down mr. black.

ur a great addition to the show mr PROducer. 

p.s. if Gina had lived in new York when chappelle and rogan was giving out the awards for NY BOOBS. she couldve won multiples awards. make it 2! one award for each.
cuz Gina.. you’ve got great NEW YORK BOOBS!!


from the FV. .. in the OC.. by the beach.. not far away.. between la and sd.