Show #514

Hey GG, R & E,
I love that Storage Wars and Parking wars crap.  It’s such fun to watch total A-holes on TV. Society is seriously spiraling out of control.
I have called that Lifetime channel “Bitchtime” for years I think it is the perfect compliment to Terrible Life Choices for TLC
I am really starting to realize that I do not miss cable TV. However like HBO go you can get TWC on the go as well. I will have to look in my mom’s  cable maybe I can set hers up so I can watch it on my laptop.
 I believe No man should ever have his shirt off in public. There is no need for it, If I see a dude outside without a shirt, I think Douche Bag.
God I F’n hate Wil Ferrell movies, except for Stranger Than Fiction.
Mariah Carey where do I start first off Unplugged was her at her best her first album was good everything since has been a steadily cascading downward. Save for a few bright spots. She obviously had or has one of the best voices ever but her music choices are the F’n worst. The problem is when an artist? achieves the level of income that she has attained it is impossible to control them, just sit back and watch the fireworks. I could go on for hours about her because at one point I really respected her but somewhere around the massive boob job I think I lost it.