Hey guys; I just listened to #466. Gina you were talking about if you disagree with someones lifestyle then in fact you are the one with the problem. I completely disagree, I myself do not agree with people being gay, (who am I to agree?) Well I believe it blurs male and female, I have kids and am raising them to be kind, compassionate people.I think having kids definitely makes you more aware of yourself too.
I may disagree with some people values and views but, that doesn’t mean I have a problem with myself. I just choose not to be around people who don’t have similar values as myself, that’s not to say if a person was in harm I wouldn’t help them. I love when you said “You believe what you believe and I’ll believe what I believe, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends”
Anways, a bit heavy huh? lol
love your whole crew.