Sex sex and more sex

Dear Gina, Randy, and Elijah,
THANK YOU for highlighting the double standards we see so often in sex! Its crazy, i agree with everything you stated, and Randy and E i totally agree with you guys about being disinterested in sex (and i assume by association relationships) i share your veiw on the topic. i completely understand your veiw on confidince, im 15 (perhaps 15 year olds should be disinterested in sex but society has conditoned us to the point we dont know whats natural). But its true about the ammount of high schoolers engaged in sex and sexual activities. At my high school it seems that everyones banging someone or another, its odd, and its probably those same people who will not ammount to much in their lives. but being a teenage boy (who i suppose is somewhat more mature than his peers) i have to agree with you.