sex and the city 2.. rant and review.


heard your ‘disappointment’ with satc2.
this is one of my favorite reviews of all time by an admittedly pompous bbc movie reviewer whom i love all the same.
he is not afraid to rip into pirates of the Caribbean 8 and even when he is wrong he is kind of right.

if you have 10 minutes, enjoy the expletive laden diatribe…

‘it’s ghastly..putrid and vomit inducing..totally consumerist’s about a group of men in drag..a lot has been written about how grotesque a portrayal of women this’s entire portrayal of female liberation is the right to buy expensive shoes..i don’t believe that real people in the real world are as ghastly as this..’

and then he lets loose..

‘..under the burkhas we are as shallow and vacuous as you!!’

Mr. Rutt