Scott Sandland And Go Hypnotherapy

Scott Sandland is a board-certified hypnotherapist and an all-around awesome guy. Ginand Randy have known Scott since back in the KLSX days when he used to come on the “Tim Conway Jr. show” and do hypnotherapy treatments live on-air.

Scott is also the founder of and, both which can be found below.

Do yourself a gigantic favor and check him out. your
   anyone interested in learning hypnosis should go here.  Scott’s school has online classes and live training.  It teaches everything someone needs to know to be successful as a hypnotist in private practice.  It’s a one year program that costs less than most week long classes.
   this is completely free for anyone with questions about hypnosis.  11,000 members, most of whom are hypnotists or hypnosis students.  There is a referral directory with a map full of hypnotists for anyone looking for a referral.
   Here is scott’s private practice for people looking to get help.