Richard Chang

Richard aka: Chang aka: Chang Claus aka: Chang Legacy is a tried and true PGPeep who has appeared on the show several times to dole out fancy gifts, exotic eats and good times. (He’s even taken Randy and I out for $100/cup cat-poop coffee). Gina and Randy knew they liked him the second they saw him take down a shot of super spicy ramen at one of their live events and they’ve never looked back. He’s a super smart tall drink of water with a ginormous heart and we’re lucky to have him as a friend.
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PGP #398 – The Food Truck Trifecta!

Gina and Randy Are LIVE At The Santa Anita Food Truck Festival with a ton of PGPeeps as they all explore the wonders of the food trucks! Special appearances this hour be Aron Bender, Ashley Mendel, the PGPeeps and one guy who thinks he can snake us a Lobsta Roll in 10 minutes


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