Regarding Show #427

What’s Up.

The pig/pigs being able to eat a human body
is a straight reference from
the Guy Ritchie movie “Snatch”.
“You should never trust a man who has a pig farm”.
“The can go through human bone like butter”.

And regarding
Randy getting a new phone,
he should mos def look into getting
an Android phone.
There are some real fast phones coming out
on most carriers.

I have a Sprint EVO,  (new EVO 3D coming soon),
it really does kick ass.
No joke.

a couple of websites for steaming movies:
My cable & internet got cancelled recently
and these have been life savers.
strictly for mobile devices,
iphone, ipad, android.
A ton of good movie titles in the library,
and a good amount of whole tv series seasons
in the library too, including “How I Met…”
streams on demand.
a ton of channels steaming live (not on demand).
Movies and tv (Simpons, American Dad, Family Guy).

And a really good alternative
web browser  app. for iphone/ipad & android,
It does a great job of being able to view
flash videos when your stock web browser won’t play them.