Regarding Human Centipede

Hey, Gina and Randy.

I’m behind on my PGP listening, so I just heard the Human Centipede one today.  I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t speak to its quality, but during the show you were postulating about how many people would be involved evenutally as the sequels progress.  I’m sure another nerdy listener who is more up to date probably already pointed this out, but if you take “centipede” to mean 100 legs, it would actually take 25 people to achieve that.  Though if it involves humans, it would technically make a “millipede.”  If my high school biology class serves me right, the terms centipede and millipede are misnomers.  A centipede doesn’t actually have 100 legs and a millipede doesn’t have 1,000.  The difference between the two is that a centipede has 2 appendages per segment of body and a millipede has 4.

Love you guys and keep doing what you do!
=) Stephanie