Red Light Cameras & Tickets

Hey P-n-G-n-E!
I wanted to just let you know that I am a proud citizen of the city of Anaheim for one main reason these days: when the stories started popping up about cities’ red light cameras a couple years ago or whenever, the city council voluntarily decided to put it up for a city vote in the last election to let the citizens decide if they wanted red light cameras. And the voting citizens of Anaheim approved by 70+% to make it part of the city charter that automated traffic systems of any kind would be illegal. Go, us! Ha!
Also, I have lived here in California since June of ’04. (Yes, I’ve lived in Anaheim the whole time) I have yet to be pulled over. I only just replaced my Idaho driver’s license a month ago, because my Idaho license hadn’t expired until my latest birthday. (Idaho allows you to renew for up to 8 years at a time, which I had done in ’02.) On top of that, it’s not like I’m a prude that only drives the speed limit, etc. I speed, even on surface streets. And I’ve been driving a red car for the past 5 years, too. I think it’s a case of Orange County vs. LA County.

Anyway, keep up the outstanding work!