Red Light Cameras & Tickets

Did you get the ticket through the mail?  Did an real live cop pull you over and hand you the ticket?  Then why on earth would you pay it?  I got a red light ticket in the mail.  Had my picture on it.  I never acknowledged the ticket, meaning I never went to the court house and I never paid it.  Did the ticket ever show up in my record?   Nope.  Did I ever get my license revoked?  Nope.  The ticket was issued by civilians.  A cop sits at desk at the police station, looks at the photo and signs his name.  No officer took the photo.  Which means the ticketis only legit if you acknowledge it at court.

Will an officer dispute this?  Fucking straight they will.

Believe this.  The only legit ticket is a ticket that comes from goverment building like a police station or a court house.

Not Joe Schmoes Red light camera house.

Boom flashy flashy