Rebecca Black

Gina & Randy,

If I were to re-cap my weekend it would go a little something like this…
Play friday’s PGP while playing bubble shooter, stop when you play Rebecca Black’s song, share with the boyfriend. Watch it on you tube 5+ times. Go to sleep.
Wake up humming the song, refer to things as “fun fun fun fun”, watch the video again. Do some other crap I can’t recall, then watch it again. Discuss the fact that there are several mentions of a ‘school bus’ in the song but no commute to school, and no visual of a school bus. More crap I don’t remember. Go to lunch, boyfriend says, “play the video again” listen on phone, more discussion. Google Rebecca Black, watch unplugged version of song, curse your names, then watch the original again.


I’m both delighted and disgusted by all of this.

thanks & how dare you