RE Show 626 – Women Just Don’t Understand

Randy and Elijah, youll likely back me up on this.


I appriciate all the work that you (and everyone) put into this show. And I also understand that you have to get all of your plugs in at the end of the show because that is how you (potentially) make money.


If the Zelda theme is being played, on overdrive guitar, you need to shut up. Randy and E had such reserved excitement for playing Ashleys Zelda cover at the end of the show, but you just kep going on and on and on and on with plug after plug and tease after tease and thank you after thank you. By the time you were done, the song was more than half over, and I felt sad.

Randy and E didn’t say a word, they were silent the whole time, and unless I am completely off the mark, I could almost feel them wishing you would be quiet in their heads.

Chicks just don’t understand the connection (and elation) that video game music gives to guys.

Anyway, good show, but just had to let you know because I think girls are oblivious to what really makes guys happy. If they don’t understand, it must not be important.