Re: Sexual Revolution day podcast

Hi Gina,

I just listened to the “Sexual” something day podcast as referred by MentalPod. Luckily no one’s beat off in my field of view but your podcast reminded me of this article, “In Which Sometime I Wish I wasn’t a Women” by Meredith Hight, and thought I’d share it with you. Here’s an excerpt:

 Having boobs and a booty suggests something sometimes. The problem is, sometimes you are just a person, and you are not trying to say anything. You are just trying to live, to go about your business, to be who you are and do what you do.

Years ago, in Sacramento, I went for a run. I was just there for a summer, for work. I didn’t know the neighborhood, I didn’t know the area. It was a Saturday, probably sometime around four o clock in the afternoon. I had stopped at a busy intersection, and hit the light to cross the street. It was a long light, and I stood for a minute or two.

I happened to glance over at the car parked on the street. There was a man inside, sweating. He was wearing plastic glasses and his bare, pathetic penis was in his hand, peeking out from below his sloppy stomach. He saw me, I saw him. The light changed. I moved apartments and neighborhoods the same day, disturbed.

Someone said, well you shouldn’t go running there. In broad daylight? At a busy intersection? I need to be concerned with perverts who might be jacking off?

Sometimes I hate being a woman. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a woman.

– Christina