Randy’s mini meltdown

Hey GG, REW and EB

Wow, you actually read the email I sent on air.  And it caused Randy a mini meltdown!  My first reaction was “oh shit” but then I started laughing so hard I took a break to catch my breath.  I’m not a fan of meltdowns due to what happened to Whitman but knowing that Randy will be hitting that Omicron afterwards and relax makes me enjoy these moments more.  It’s like getting drunk the night before and waking up without a hangover.  Fun.  Anyways, just to clarify, the USPS is a federal agency but it is self supporting.  No tax payer money goes to our salary, health benefits or retirement although Congress like to borrow our surplus and not give it back.
On to other things, Gina I’m glad you are getting into Voyager.  I’m a big fan of Janeway but my favorite captain is Sisko from DS9.  He’s badass. And the theme song also rocks. The one from TNG is cool but it’s a rethread from the first Star Trek movie remixed with the beginning of TOS (monologue). And Randy and Elijah the reason the Green Ranger became the White Ranger was that in the original Japanese Super Sentai the Green Ranger died but Tommy became so popular they brought him back in the second season after they changed from the dinosaur Zords to the Thunder Zords.  It was a different series altogether but they mashed it together.  That’s why the Black Ranger’s Lion Zord looks greenish because in the Japanese series the Zord belongs to the green ranger (there was no Black Ranger).  Wow I know to much about this.  Gina you can wake up now.  I went long but I don’t write often so I tried to cram too much. I’ll probably write more regularly.  Thanks for everything and congratulations on 500 plus shows.  Keep them coming.  Juice.